Zatchels Kids Bags

by kidsinchicnet.


Zatchels is an England-born fashion label that has been founded and developed by the fashion designers Dean and Brian. The specialists of the brand were inspired by their work in the industry of leather goods. The Zatchels designers use their wide knowledge and broad experience to create colorful and vivid satchels, the analogues of which can hardly be found in today’s fashion market. The traditional and conventional designs of the label are filled with vibrant color palettes and trendy patterns. The Zatchels leather goods are all hand crafted and designed in the birthplace of the brand – Great Britain. The fashion label has been developing the designs of leather goods for many years and its designers now have truly wide experience in the leather footwear industry. The kids’ footwear collection of the brand has been inspired by multiple years of work in the shoe making industry. The leather shoes and bags for children form the basis of the kids’ collection of Zatchels. The skills and talents of the brand’s designers help them to create exquisite and fantastically designed products that are now distributed in multiple countries of the world. The brand’s specialists promote the traditional British manufacturing that is based on the abilities and skills of local craftsmen. Zatchels is proud to offer high-quality and exclusive leather goods for youth.

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