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Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman is a legendary British fashion brand that became worldwide known for its extraordinary designs of clothing for children of different age groups. The variety of kid’s wear manufactured by Ben Sherman contains such essentials as T-shirts, trousers, shoes and other must-have items in the wardrobe of every kid. The designer brand was established by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman in 1963. The brand’s founder immigrated to the United States and changed his surname into a more frequently used one – Sherman. In his new homeland, Ben Sherman became the owner of a small factory that produced well-crafted and elegant shirts for men. And this is when the history of the Ben Sherman trademark begins. The brand soon enriched its range of goods with the adorable collections of children’s wear intended for boys of all ages. Nowadays, Ben Sherman is popular with young celebrities as well. The range of kid’s wear provided by the brand is distributed through a net of reputable and prosperous fashion stores. Today’s youth can now purchase coats, shirts, footwear, denim wear and a great number of accessories in the luxury boutiques throughout the world. Ben Sherman has a reputation of a trustworthy producer of high-quality and exclusively designed clothing for those kids who want to express their individuality and keep up with the latest trends in modern fashion industry.

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