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Barbour is a British fashion brand founded by a famous Scottish designer John Barbour. The founder of the brand grew up in a family of farmers. When he was 20 years old, John Barbour decided to leave his homeland and seek fortune in England where he started his own business. The foundation of J. Barbour & Sons Company was inspired by the wife of John Barbour. His very first fashion store specialized in the distribution of clothes for men. Soon after the foundation of the company, it became widely popular in England and entered the international market. The company’s name was shortened to Barbour. It received numerous awards for the high quality of the produced goods. Nowadays, the brand also specializes in manufacturing children’s wear. Barbour continues to rapidly develop and improve its range of clothing and accessories for young fashionistas. Today, the brand is frequently chosen by young celebrities as well. The kid’s wear collections of Barbour bristle with a huge assortment of stylish trousers, knitwear, shirts, overcoats, socks and other kinds of children’s clothes. Check out the collections of this British trademark and you will surely find plenty of beautifully designed clothing for your child. The collections of Barbour are now available online. Make your child’s life brighter and livelier together with Barbour.

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