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10 IS

10 IS is a fashion label whose products combine the sophisticated French design and modern urban aesthetics. The brand provides fashion-forward children with functional and comfortable tennis footwear that is especially designed to meet the requirements of those kids who are fond of sports and especially tennis. The designs of the 10 IS brand feature laces and straps that embody the latest trends of modern fashion. The kids’ trainer collection of the label is now available in a multitude of bright neon colors and brilliantly colored prints. The sports trainers of the brand are especially designed for the little feet of young sportsmen. Moreover, the 10 IS products highlight the personal style of every child and make the outfit of young tennis players complete. The kids’ footwear collection of 10 IS is now popular all across the world. In modern days, the brand represents a phenomenal trademark that successfully continues to please the wishes of young fashion-conscious tennis players and all those who are fond of energetic sports activities and require functional and durable footwear for training sessions. The 10 IS footwear collection is among the most hugely popular varieties of sports shoes in modern industry of kids’ sports-related fashion. You are welcome to look through the amazing range of kids’ footwear that is now reasonably priced and available online.

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