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Withings Smart Baby Monitors


Owing the efforts of the Withings designers and craftsmen, the high-tech innovations in the sphere of baby goods and accessories come to life. The products of Withings represent smartly designed and highly functional goods that will be useful for every parent. The brand offers an interactive way to guarantee the well-being of little babies. Whether you want your child to listen to a lullaby or talk to your little kid when being away from home, the Withings label has much to offer. The brand’s professionals provide an effective and convenient way to monitor and check the well-being of your precious one. Now you will be able to keep an eye on your child in any situation. Withings creates and distributes smart goods and gadgets for babies. They represent an easy way to take care of your little angel. The brand’s craftsmen always expand the range of products and improve the capabilities and designs of gadgets for them to fulfill all needs of loving and caring parents. Since the year of 2009, the Withings designers have enriched their lifestyle products with a number of benefits that are aimed at simplifying the life of parents. You will find a great diversity of useful and highly valuable devices that will come handy in the everyday life of every parent who is conscious about the well-being of their kids.

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William Sharp Kids Clothing

William Sharp

William Sharp is a fashion label that has long become a synonym of luxury cashmere kids’ accessories and apparel decorated with Swarovski crystals. The brand was founded in 2000. It is now worldwide recognized for the creation of beautifully designed and hand decorated clothing for youngsters. The kids’ wear collection of the brand was introduced in 2012. It is a young fashion line that has already gained immense popularity and international recognition among children and their parents alike. The garments and accessories offered by the William Sharp brand mirror the fantastically shaped and styled clothing for adults. The adorably designed baby grows, booties, cashmere blankets, hat sets and many other fabulous accessories for babies and kids are among the most frequently chosen goods among parents who want to provide their children with the finest range of clothing and enrich their wardrobes with various trendsetting accessories. The sumptuous and lavishly designed clothing and accessories available in the kid’s collection of William Sharp represent iconic children’s wear. The brand is known as a foremost supplier of only premium-quality goods made from the finest and truly exceptional materials and fibers. The major objective of the label is to satisfy all needs and wishes of young fashion-conscious children with absolutely no age restrictions. Check out the children’s wear collection of William Sharp online.

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Wildfox Kids Clothing


Wildfox is a fashion-forward brand that was born in Los Angeles. The designs of the brand are inspired by the hippy style of the 1960s. The Wildfox craftsmen create full-fledged collections of bohemian and vintage-inspired children’s clothing with no age restrictions. The celebrities are also among the fans of the brand’s designs. The Wildfox label was established back in 2007. It was founded by a pair of exceptional fashion designers Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon. The US brand has quickly grown into a globally acknowledged and widely famous fashion label that distributes its goods in more than 30 countries of the world. The trademark has huge success and a fresh approach to the creation of casual kids’ wear. The brand’s designs can now be seen in numerous reputable fashion magazines. Wildfox is now popular with a multitude of youngsters as well as young Hollywood actresses. The designs of the brand are filled with a joyful spirit and sense of humor. The brand’s clothes are oriented on those girls who are not afraid to express their personal style and stand out from the crowd. Check out the Wildfox collection of kids’ wear available at reasonable prices online. The brand’s clothing for girls is full of free spirit and fun. Every little angel looks adorable and in-vogue in the Wildfox clothing.

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White Rabbit England Toys

White Rabbit England

White Rabbit England is a brainchild of two fashion designers and sisters known as Charlotte and Victoria. They decided to recreate the design of ceramic lamps that they remembered from childhood. This is how the White Rabbit England trademark was born. The brand was founded in 2002. Today, the label is famous for its amazing hand craftsmanship with the use of top-quality materials that help to create exclusive and incomparable designs filled with nostalgic memories and charm. The fantastic world of the White Rabbit England Company is full of elves, mushrooms, owls and undoubtedly rabbits. The ceramic lamps are all made from the high-quality china material that gives a fabulous glow to make little kids feel as if they are asleep. The brand’s designers produce perfect and truly nostalgic gifts for children that should be kept and enjoyed by future generations. White Rabbit England is a leading company whose designers are wholly dedicated to their creative activity devoted to children’s happiness and charming time of childhood. The company manufactures truly gorgeous ceramic goods that mostly include night lights that glitter and shine at night. The products of the brand are packed into elegantly designed gift boxes. Check out the magnificent collection of White Rabbit England for your child’s life to be filled with memorable and unforgettable moments.

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Walker Books

Walker Books

Walker Books is a publishing house founded by Sebastian Walker who had quite a simple vision. It is well known that as a rule the finest ideas are simple. Today, the publishing company Walker Books is wholly devoted to creating the finest stories and illustrated editions for children all over the world. The founder of Walker Books cooperated with Amelia Edwards and Wendy Boase who helped him to create children’s books and contributed to the development and growth of the company. The publishing house started its existence from only 18 children’s books that were published in 1980. Today, the trade name produces over 300 entertaining editions for children a year. The publishers of Walker Books outgrew the small space that was originally used for the production of kids’ books. The company has grown into a foremost independent publishing house in Britain and worldwide. Walker Books became a phenomenal producer of various kinds of amusingly designed and joyfully illustrated editions for children of all age groups. Nowadays, you have an opportunity to look through the range of kids’ books offered by Walker Books online. The products of the trade name are now available at reasonable prices and are affordable to everyone. Children all over the world enjoy reading the entertaining and amusing editions offered by the Walker Books publishing house.

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Wales RU Kids Rugby Clothing

Wales RU

Wales RU is a fashion brand of the Welsh Rugby Union that was born in 1881. The union was formed by 11 Welsh rugby teams that once decided to unite their efforts. The national sports industry of Wales is now proud to have such a powerful union that has won multiple competitions and became home to world-class rugby players. Today, the Wales RU brand produces plenty of high-quality and perfectly designed items of clothes for children to wear during training sessions and competitions. Wales RU is now popular throughout the world. It produces fashionable and stylish sportswear for kids who enjoy energetic sports games and different sports-related activities. The label’s designers are passionate about the production of superior kids’ clothing with no age limits. The talented craftsmanship and premium performance are the major distinctive features of the Wales RU clothing. The trademark’s designers are known for the use of highly innovative technologies when producing exclusive items of sportswear not only for professional players, but also for children who just start playing rugby or those who take part in the competitions. The sportswear offered by Wales RU will become a valuable addition to your kid’s wardrobe. The sportswear provided by the label give every little rugby player a feeling of total comfort and security making the outfit complete.

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Vitra kids & Baby Furniture

Vitra kids & Baby Furniture

Vitra is a Germany-based company founded by a talented German designer Willi Fehlbaum in 1950. The brand has been a distributor of multiple globally renowned furniture designs since its very foundation. The Vitra designers are passionate about the creation of various decorations for the room interior design. The collection of the brand is filled with stylish and trendsetting wall clocks, tables, chairs, sofas and many other items of furniture. The use of vibrant and brilliantly bright colors is the major distinctive feature of the brand. Vitra now offers a superb collection of various attributes of furniture for creating truly fabulous designs of kids’ rooms. The thoroughly measured angles and admirable lines of every piece of furniture make the products of Vitra must-have items for every child’s room. The accent furniture offered by the brand will elevate your kid’s room and fill it with enchanting colors and fabulous decorations. The brand has long become a leading and one of the most prosperous producers of kids’ room furniture in the entire industry of interior design. Today, the Vitra label is known for its production of only premium-quality goods that meet all standards of European quality of modern days. Check out the adorable collection of the brand to find the most amazing items of furniture for your kid’s room interior decoration.

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Vilebrequin Kids Clothing


Vilebrequin is a real legend in the world of sophisticated French fashion. It represents a producer of luxury beach accessories for children. The impeccable detailing, exclusive design and the use of the finest fibers and textiles have long made this label an iconic fashion company that is now popular all around the world, from New York to Rome. The Vilebrequin designers have been producing marvelous collections of kids’ accessories since the year of 1995. The brand has expanded its diversity of kids’ goods and continues to introduce more and more fantastically designed accessories for kids aged from 2 to 16 years. The main concept of the brand’s philosophy is to recreate the traditional beach fashion and be enthusiastic about creating kids’ accessories of all shapes and sizes. The kids’ collection is now popular with a multitude of youngsters worldwide. The Vilebrequin designers use a juicy and bright color palette that consists of over 50 colors and color shades. Moreover, the abundance of brilliantly colored prints makes every accessory of the brand ideal for the free spirit of the seaside resorts. The brand’s collection consists of swimwear and swimming-related accessories for boys and girls alike. The designs of the brand’s clothing please the needs and requirements of all parents and children who are fond of swimming and various energetic water activities.

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Vilac Toys


Vilac is a France-born brand that has been manufacturing kids’ toys since its very foundation. The children’s toys offered by the Vilac trademark are made from the finest fibers and represent high-quality goods that please all requirements of parents. The toys of Vilac are wrapped in wooden boxes that contain plenty of authentic fabric clothes that are to be used to dress them. A multitude of kids throughout the world enjoy dressing and undressing the wooden toys and spend plenty of time on this process. The Vilac toys can be dressed in multiple clothing variations. Moreover, the dolls of the brand are especially sized to fit the dollhouse. The Vilac collection of toys contains original, hand-crafted dolls that are oriented on youngsters of all age ranges. Every doll has its own individuality. The dolls of Vilac are equipped with plenty of extra outfits available in their wardrobes. The smiling wooden animals, dolls and other kinds of kids’ toys form the major part of the brand’s collection. Your child will play with such amazing toys for hours. The brand’s goods enrich the childhood of every little kid with multiple happy and delightful moments. The toys of Vilac are now distributed through a net of exquisite fashion boutiques and toy stores in many cities of the world, including Beijing, Tokyo, Milan, Moscow, Rome and many other corners of the globe.

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Victoria Casal Couture

Victoria Casal Couture

Victoria Casal Couture entered the world of design and fashion as a jewelry and accessory producer that was founded in France and quickly turned into a globally acknowledged fashion brand. The brand’s designers are proud to present the goods that feature a perfect finishing twist for the sophisticated tastes of youth and children. The innovative spirit is peculiar to every design of Victoria Casal Couture. The brand has long expanded its range of the produced goods for youngsters. Today, it offers an exclusive prêt a porter clothing collection oriented on girls. It was launched in 2006. Since that time, the iconic and luxurious Hello Kitty designs of Victoria Casal Couture have become ageless in the world of girls’ apparel production. The designs of the brand are playful and youthful. It makes every creation of the brand a real masterpiece and an elegant work of art. The collection of the Victoria Casal Couture clothing for kids is filled with beautiful and romantic clothing for young girls. The characteristic feature of the brand’s girls’ wear is a cute logo that represents a kitten with a charming and playful smile. The brand offers an immense choice of beautifully designed clothing for girls. Soft jumpers, cashmere blouses, cotton T-shirts and jeans wear for girls form the basis of the Victoria Casal Couture collection.

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