Guess children clothes

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guess kids clothes

Today, GUESS is a fashion brand that is known all over the world. However, all began simply with a pair of perfectly designed jeans. In 1981, the Marciano brothers founded a small Californian company that produced jeans. Nowadays, GUESS is one of the biggest and most successful trademarks in the world of fashion. Innovative design and successful distribution of fashionable and prestigious goods make GUESS one of the most widely recognized brands in the world’s fashion market of women’s, men’s and kid’s clothes. The clothes for children and young people produced by the brand are characterized by a modern style and innovative design.
A love of the Marciano brothers to the American Wild West is harmoniously combined with European sensitivity, forming a driving force of the GUESS trademark. In the 80s, denim clothes gradually went out of fashion as they lacked fashionable sharpness. The designers of GUESS found a possibility to introduce a European style of the denim clothes by the use of traditional American fabrics. Original design helped the Marciano brothers to change the perception of jeans clothes forever.  They managed to create a line of denim clothes for young people that would never go out of fashion, as it is full of sensitivity and innovation. Famous Marilyn jeans with three zips were so fresh in style and design that they were immediately sold out. Nowadays, GUESS remains a trendsetter of the world’s denim fashion.

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