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A touch of color gives a fun twist to safari style – team fierce animal prints with tribal patterns for your little explorer.

Safari style is a new and fresh approach to revealing wildness in your children. Having fun and looking cool – these are the main targets of children of various age. Help them to create their unique safari style with green lace-up, unisex high-top trainers by Kenzo. They could be worn with sportive clothing or with denim trousers for casual look. The combination of colors is bright and undemanding, red, black and white tiger print and red rubber sole in addition. Not only adult women like to look stylish and original. Girls would adore this gold embellished dress by Dolce & Gabbana. The style was borrowed from womenswear collection and it is decorated with hand-embellished with floral appliqué, sequins, beads, jewels and mirrored pom-poms. The colors look even brighter and more attractive in the bottom, where there is embroidery of rainbow-colored tassels. The dress is fully lined for extra comfort. Safari style could be underlined with the help of girls grey marl short-sleeved Burberry t-shirt. This top is made of cotton jersey and is decorated with a black and off-white giraffe print on the front. The t-shirt is great for making a finishing touch for a sportive outfit with high – top trainers. Girls and boys would adore green marl sweatshirt by Kenzo, in the designer’s ‘Tiger Kiosque’ theme. The roaring tigers hear embroidery on the front makes it look cool and stylish. It has a round, ribbed neck, cuffs and hemline for extra comfort. This jersey sweatshirt is perfect for the change of the weather as it is made with fleecy underside for additional warmth. For making the safari look even closer to life, choose the dark green leather sandals by Burberry. Made of leather with double velcro strap fastening across the foot they would be perfect for active children.

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Guess children clothes

guess kids clothes

Today, GUESS is a fashion brand that is known all over the world. However, all began simply with a pair of perfectly designed jeans. In 1981, the Marciano brothers founded a small Californian company that produced jeans. Nowadays, GUESS is one of the biggest and most successful trademarks in the world of fashion. Innovative design and successful distribution of fashionable and prestigious goods make GUESS one of the most widely recognized brands in the world’s fashion market of women’s, men’s and kid’s clothes. The clothes for children and young people produced by the brand are characterized by a modern style and innovative design.
A love of the Marciano brothers to the American Wild West is harmoniously combined with European sensitivity, forming a driving force of the GUESS trademark. In the 80s, denim clothes gradually went out of fashion as they lacked fashionable sharpness. The designers of GUESS found a possibility to introduce a European style of the denim clothes by the use of traditional American fabrics. Original design helped the Marciano brothers to change the perception of jeans clothes forever.  They managed to create a line of denim clothes for young people that would never go out of fashion, as it is full of sensitivity and innovation. Famous Marilyn jeans with three zips were so fresh in style and design that they were immediately sold out. Nowadays, GUESS remains a trendsetter of the world’s denim fashion.

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7 For All Mankind Kids Clothing

7 For All Mankind

7 For All Mankind is a California-born fashion label that entered the denim wear market in the year of 2000. Today, the brand produces a phenomenal and legendary variety of innovatively designed denim wear that continues to gain immense popularity with young fashion-conscious children. 7 For All Mankind has become a revolutionary trademark as it produces sophisticated fits of classic and modern designs of clothing. This brand is a foremost and trendsetting label that offers an immense variety of the best-fitting and high-quality pieces of clothes for children who are conscious about fashion tendencies of modern days. 7 For All Mankind continues to fulfill the requirements and needs of children and parents alike. The brand’s designers put an emphasis on the production of kids’ goods of the finest quality made from the exquisite fabrics and fibers. The Californian trademark 7 For All Mankind has entered the global market of children’s wear design and continues to conquer new horizons, bringing plenty of happiness and excitement to little kids and their parents. The variety of the brand’s goods bristles with fabulous designs, comfortable fits and adorable styles. Today, the label’s collection of children’s wear is available for purchase online. You will find a truly fantastic range of beautifully designed kids’ clothing that your child will surely fall in love with.

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10 IS Kids Sneakers

10 IS

10 IS is a fashion label whose products combine the sophisticated French design and modern urban aesthetics. The brand provides fashion-forward children with functional and comfortable tennis footwear that is especially designed to meet the requirements of those kids who are fond of sports and especially tennis. The designs of the 10 IS brand feature laces and straps that embody the latest trends of modern fashion. The kids’ trainer collection of the label is now available in a multitude of bright neon colors and brilliantly colored prints. The sports trainers of the brand are especially designed for the little feet of young sportsmen. Moreover, the 10 IS products highlight the personal style of every child and make the outfit of young tennis players complete. The kids’ footwear collection of 10 IS is now popular all across the world. In modern days, the brand represents a phenomenal trademark that successfully continues to please the wishes of young fashion-conscious tennis players and all those who are fond of energetic sports activities and require functional and durable footwear for training sessions. The 10 IS footwear collection is among the most hugely popular varieties of sports shoes in modern industry of kids’ sports-related fashion. You are welcome to look through the amazing range of kids’ footwear that is now reasonably priced and available online.

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Zoobug Kids Sunglasses

Zoobug Sunglasses

Zoobug Sunglasses is a reputable fashion label that provides maximum protection from ultra-violet sun rays by offering a delightful collection of sunglasses for young fashion-conscious customers. The Zoobug Sunglasses products are available in bright and pastel color palettes that are added with fantastic detailing and exclusive styling. The sunglasses offered by the label are mainly oriented on kids aged from 6 to 14 years. The fashion line of the brand is filled with iconic and legendary models of sunglasses. The products of the brand feature vintage-inspired styling and modern decorative details. Furthermore, the Zoobug Sunglasses goods are adorned with the shining rhinestones. The collections of the brand are especially designed for young boys and girls who are fond of wearing trendsetting and functional accessories. The exclusively designed collections of the brand’s kids’ sunglasses will meet all tastes and preferences of youngsters. The fabulous accessories of the Zoobug Sunglasses trademark are to be in the wardrobe of every little kid. It is an excellent choice for all kids disregarding the age. The products of the label are lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic. Today, the Zoobug Sunglasses trademark fulfills the requests of a multitude of little fashionistas who are looking for high-class sunglasses. The goods of the brand are highly functional, comfortable, durable and safe. Such sunglasses will serve your children for years.

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Zimmermann Children Swimwear


Zimmermann is a prosperous producer of fashionable and trendy swimwear for children. It started the manufacturing of kids’ swimwear in 2001. The founder of the brand is Nicky Zimmermann who aims at providing children with beautifully designed swimwear of all styles and shapes. All goods are manufactured in the birthplace of the trademark – Australia. The brand offers totally everything, from swimsuits and bikinis for girls to pants and shorts for boys. The Zimmermann beachwear will perfectly suit girls and boys who want to have a bohemian outfit when having fun at the seaside or in the swimming pool. The products of the brand are highly appreciated by a multitude of little kids and parents worldwide. Today, Zimmermann is among the foremost and truly unbeaten producers of trendsetting and joyfully colored swimwear that is mostly oriented on young kids who love to have fun in the water. The trademark has long entered the international market and continues to surprise its young customers with a fantastic range of swimwear suitable for any taste or preference in fashion. Zimmermann is a worldwide leader in the sphere of kids’ swimwear production. Check out the fantastic collection of the brand’s swimwear to find the finest models for your precious one to enjoy the sunny seaside and refreshing water to full extent.

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Zeybra Kids Swimwear


Zeybra is an Italy-based swimwear producer that brings to life youthful and playful designs of beachwear. The Zeybra trademark is a dynamically developing company whose designers are proud of the creation of exclusively designed swimwear for children. The brand’s specialists create high-quality and stylish products that all family members will immediately fall in love with. Zeybra is a producer of functional and beautifully crafted swimwear. The brand’s models of swimsuits for children are all manufactured from the highest-quality fibers. The Zeybra goods are oriented on children aged from 2 to 14 years. The swimsuits of the label are created according to the samples of grown-up swimwear also designed by Zeybra. The label’s designers aim at creating exclusive and incomparable designs that are totally unique in the market of kids’ beachwear. The excellent performance of the designers also contributes to the creation of fantastically crafted swimsuits for children of all ages. Furthermore, such swimsuits are resistant to the harmful influence of chlorine in the swimming pool. The brilliantly colored and authentically designed swimwear of the brand fulfills all needs of children with different tastes and preferences in fashion. Zeybra is widely known for its magnificent range of swimwear that has no analogues in the whole industry of beachwear for kids. Today, you can check out the collection of the Zeybra swimwear online.

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Zatchels Kids Bags


Zatchels is an England-born fashion label that has been founded and developed by the fashion designers Dean and Brian. The specialists of the brand were inspired by their work in the industry of leather goods. The Zatchels designers use their wide knowledge and broad experience to create colorful and vivid satchels, the analogues of which can hardly be found in today’s fashion market. The traditional and conventional designs of the label are filled with vibrant color palettes and trendy patterns. The Zatchels leather goods are all hand crafted and designed in the birthplace of the brand – Great Britain. The fashion label has been developing the designs of leather goods for many years and its designers now have truly wide experience in the leather footwear industry. The kids’ footwear collection of the brand has been inspired by multiple years of work in the shoe making industry. The leather shoes and bags for children form the basis of the kids’ collection of Zatchels. The skills and talents of the brand’s designers help them to create exquisite and fantastically designed products that are now distributed in multiple countries of the world. The brand’s specialists promote the traditional British manufacturing that is based on the abilities and skills of local craftsmen. Zatchels is proud to offer high-quality and exclusive leather goods for youth.

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Zadig & Voltaire KidsWear

Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is a widely known fashion designer brand that was established in Paris back in 1997. The brand’s founder is Thierry Gillier who is considered an experienced and talented French designer. His creative and inventive ideas find reflection in the exclusive collection of kids’ wear. The Zadig & Voltaire collection of kids’ clothing is filled with various trendsetting and marvelously designed pieces of clothes oriented on children and adolescents of up to 16 years of age. The brand offers two lines of kids’ wear that are intended for boys and girls alike. The major features peculiar to the brand’s designs are sophistication, elegance, comfort and freedom of movement. The designers of Zadig & Voltaire use only premium-quality fabrics and textiles that are used for the creation of truly exquisite designs with the rock-n-roll twist. The children wearing the kids’ wear offered by the label have a chic and cool outfit. The brand’s collection is full of fantastically designed and exquisitely decorated knitted dresses, blazers, denim wear, coats, blankets, cardigans, jackets, skirts and many other colorful and brilliant items of clothing. The kids’ wear of Zadig & Voltaire is made from such natural and organic textiles as cashmere, wool, merino, cotton and viscose that are all characterized by extreme softness. Today, the brand’s goods are distributed within France, Japan and other countries.

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